Brazil 021   Edmonton

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  -  Submission Grappling - Catch Wrestling

What makes us different from every other club....

  • IBJJF Registered School & Blackbelts
  • Under the world class Team Brazil 021 Andre Terenico & Hannett Staack
  • Main Instructors 1st Degree Blackbelt Misty & Blackbelt Bryan
  • Under Mark Hatmaker for ESP Raw/Catch Wrestling
  • Blackbelt's instructors on the mats, rolling teaching
  • Our emphasis is on technique
  • Fundamental , Advanced, All Levels, No Gi, Competition Team Classes 
  • Choices of different membership's
  • No long term contracts
  • Adult & From 3 to 14yr Children's Programs
  • Access to Online Video Membership site (we tape classes & seminars)
  • Kettlebell training for Grappling (taught by Multi-Kettlebell Sport World Champion)
  • We offer a variety of morning,afternoon,evening classes
  • Training for Warriors Program

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Rocca BJJ is now under
World Class Team and Champions
Brazil 021
Our NEW name Brazil 021 Edmonton